Why you should upgrade to iOS 16 for the New Opal

Hey all – I wanted to share an answer to a common question we’ve received about the new Opal. It is not often that apps encourage you so strongly to update your OS, so we acknowledge there may be some uncertainty for some of you. Below is an explanation regarding this unique situation, where the iOS 16 update impacts Opal in a huge way.

Our latest app is only available for iOS 16 (available since September 2022). It marks a turning point for digital wellness and for Opal. Farewell VPN, hello Screen Time API.

What is The New Opal?

Here is a video from Kenneth (Opal founder and CEO) on the New Opal and why it matters. You can discover all of the New Opal features here on our website.

We loved the Opal VPN. Thousands of you gems used it daily to fight-back against distraction and regain focus in your lives. But we will be the first to admit, it had its drawbacks. Some of you weren’t able to tap into 100% of the intended results, with certain reliability issues and difficult troubleshooting required to set straight. Due to this limitation to serve every one of our gems to the best of our ability, we couldn’t be more excited to announce that the New Opal, on iOS16, doesn’t require a VPN.

Why do I need iOS16?

The New Opal is only available on iOS16.

We strongly encourage you to upgrade your iPhone to iOS16, and gain access to The New Opal and beyond. When you do, you can say goodbye to the VPN, and say hello to a full Screen Time integration.

What happens if I can’t / don’t want to upgrade?

We will keep supporting the old Opal however, the app will not improve going forward, except for critical updates.

If you loved the old Opal, we promise your New Opal experience will even more incredible.

If you weren’t able to make the old Opal, work for you, please consider giving Opal another try on iOS16. Your focus will thank you.

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