🔥 [Planned] A desktop app for Opal 🖥️ (Mac, PC)

Feature Requested By: Zoe Kritikos
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Sync your activity between multiple devices (MacBook, iPhone, iPad…)

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Would love to be able to use Opal on my Mac :pray:

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Opal app for mac would be great too i feel like, alot of time while working i would get distracted with certain apps, website. I think with opal this issue can be resolved.

Comment By: Fabrizio

It would be so great if it worked in sync with the iOS app, so you could really block anything across devices.

Comment By: Nikita Korobkin

I only need it on the Mac, honestly

This is the only reason I pay for Freedom.to instead of Opal, because it also blocks apps and websites on macOS (and not just in Chrome).

Because let’s be honest, many of us work on a computer for most of the day so it doesn’t help if Opal only keeps my iPhone from opening distracting apps when I can happily do so on my Desktop.


Thanks for sharing! Ideally: how do you want the desktop app to work @chapati ?

  • would you sync sessions from mobile and desktop to block at the same time? Anything else?
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As I do most of my work on a computer (which I’d assume is the case for many Opal users), it’d be great if I can start Opal from my desktop as well so I don’t even get tempted to pick up my phone (even if just to start an Opal session!)

A few thoughts on what I’d like to see in the desktop app (macOS specific):

  • Be a menubar app (i.e. don’t clutter my ⌘ + TAB app switcher with another icon)
  • Allow me to start a session with a global keyboard shortcut
  • Sync sessions with my phone (If i start a session on my phone => sync it to desktop, and vice versa)
  • Block desktop apps (ideally keep me from opening them at all, if technically feasible)
  • Block websites regardless of browser used
  • Same quality of gamification as on iOS (i.e. encourage me to focus just a little bit longer by nudging me via my rank in high score lists, beating a personal focus record, etc)
  • Amazing-to-have: content-based in-app filtering where possible (i.e. allow me to only do work emails, but hide my newsletters and other distracting email)
  • Cool-to-have: Show my current goal on top of all other apps (i.e. constantly remind me what I am currently trying to get done). Getslash.co does a pretty good job at that and is generally an app I would take inspiration from https://getslash.co

It says this feature is planned, but how long is it expected to take?

Thanks for the ask - this feature will come in 2023.


Hi Kenneth,

thanks for dropping that in here… im a new premium user of your product and love it! it looks great and I love the integrations into iOS/iPadOS!

Great job to you and your team!

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Will the desktop app also utilise the screentime API? Is it available in Ventura? Or will that be VPN based?

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iPad app as well, or at least let the iPhone download on the iPad sync with the other apps. It’s nice having iPhone app and browser concedes, very annoying to have iPad separate.

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Thanks @ianwatts ! what specifically do you want to sync between iPad and iPhone?

We’re looking at multiple potential options. Screen time API is not available on Mac yet to block apps. However, Mac screen time data is accessible.

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App Groups and Sessions.

Any idea when API is coming to Mac? Do you still have the VPN to use instead? I, and I believe most, have no problem with the VPN and would give all my data to the damn Chinese State if it meant I could have Opal on my computer. Think people much prioritize convenience over security.

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I want this!

I want it so when I take a break on my iPhone, it’s also on the Mac. When the break is over, it’s all over, buddy boy…time to get back to work.

Apple screen controls do this for Safari…I want it like that but not limited to just Safari.

Hell if you can include apps that are on the Mac and iPhone to block both that’s even better (but the list can be separate if need be…no biggie).

Gimme gimme!


Any update on this progress? Super excited can’t wait (keep finding my undisciplined headass getting around phone restricitons on my computer).

My bedtime doesn’t stand a chance til I get this :woozy_face:

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The entire blocking session for example. If I start a session to block all social media apps on any device, I would like to see the apps blocked on other devices as well.
As a bonus, the opal app on each device synchronize with each other so if I take a break on one device, it is reflected on the other devices as well