Exclude apps from screen time calculation - Google Maps, Spotify, audiobooks. (make them not count)

I don’t consider navigation, music, meditation, audiobook, or other passive consumption apps as “screen time.” I’d like to be able to exclude them from my total time.


Thanks for sharing this. We are going to tackle this alongside this :=> Improve Focus Score: App Ratings

New user here. I listen to music when I work alot. After first day I was surpised by the screen time it said I had. It looks like it’s tracking my time using the music app. Is there a way I can make it not count that time as screen time?

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Hey @here ! This is now possible with the new update, more information here: Improve Focus Score: Customize App Ratings / Choose which apps are distracting or productive - #40 by kenneth

If you set apps as “Neutral” they won’t count in your screen time calculation.

Is it possible to expand the list of apps we can edit the focus score of to our entire app library? Some apps I frequently use are missing.

Yes, can you list here the apps you want added? it’s a manual process but if you list them we will include them ASAP:

Kenneth, could we get Thought Diary and Abide added?

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Yes, will start a list App Ratings - which Apps do you want to add?

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Hi there, I’d love it if Audible, Headspace, Kobo Books and Libby (library app) could be added so they could be neutral. These are book and meditation apps. Thank you!!

Hi there, I would love for these apps to be implemented: Strength Log, Word, Teams, Medito, Shut eye, Routinery, Stretch Club, Forest, WhatsApp’s, Facetime and Zoom. All of these apps I use on a daily basis and I don’t consider them to count as screen time, many thanks, Harrison

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